Is It Always Humid In San Antonio?

Average humidity in San Antonio. On average, May is the most humid. On average, March is the least humid month. The average annual percentage of humidity is: 67.0% The mean monthly relative humidity over the year in San Antonio, United States of America. Data from nearest weather station: Austin, United States of America (123.9 KM).

Highest Afternoon Humidity. When the temperature rises during the day, the humidity usually drops. For the ten most humid cities, the humidity never gets below 58.5 percent on average, even at its lowest point in the day. The list is topped by Milwaukee, where the humidity often stays at over 62 percent.

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Average Humidity Levels for Texas – Current Results – Average Humidity. In this table, the Daily number is the average of humidity readings taken every three hours throughout the day. morning percentages are for 6 am and Afternoon measures are for 3 pm local standard time. At the one exception, El Paso, humidity data are for 8 am and 5 pm.

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He plans to stay in Austin, or move to San Antonio or the Dallas area. Being in the top 10 and valedictorian, Garcia said, is barely sinking in. “My mom always wanted to sit down there for the top.

During the summer, if it is in the 90-95 range it can get pretty humid, however the humidity is always low when it is 100 or above. Yes it gets humid here, but not real bad. My boss is from Mississippi and he says that the humidity here in San Antonio is nothing compared to there (plus they have lots of mosquitoes!).

We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point. How Accurate Is The Saying, "For Every Bar In Odessa There’s. – Ferris explains it like this, "Odessa’s always been the blue-collar and Midland is white-collar." Local Historian, diana davids hinton says Midland developed into the business center of the Permian Basin because of two things.

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